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Volume 1

Fall 2010

Welcome to the AdvancED Northeast Regional Office!  

AdvancED, the global leader in advancing education quality recently expanded its service areas to include the west and northeast regions within the continental U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Middle East.  AdvancED is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, and is committed to providing quality school improvement services for schools and districts through accreditation, professional development, and research.

The Northeast Regional Office recently opened its doors at One Bala Plaza, Suite 619, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.  Mary Ann Keeley, PhD, Northeast Regional Director, and Mrs. Jane Wilson, Administrative Assistant invite you to visit our new office whenever you are in the town! 

Every school year offers a new beginning and a new journey. Educators build upon their knowledge, experience and reflection to bring a fresh perspective and the excitement that they can make a change for every child that walks through their classroom doors.  As you begin the journey of this new school year, know that your regional AdvancED staff is here to support and provide services for you and your school communities.   

Quick Links
AdvancED Study Shows Impact of Accreditation

Does accreditation make a difference?  Does it have an impact on schools and help them change?  Does it contribute to a school’s efforts to improve itself?  The answer is yes!

AdvancED commissioned a team of outside researchers to study the value of accreditation.  The results are contained in a report entitled re: Learning From Accreditation.

The researchers examined Standards Assessment Review and Quality Assurance Review data from 2,171 schools that completed accreditation in 2007 or 2008.  Phone interviews and additional follow-up survey data were collected as well as more detailed case study information.

In summary, the researchers found that accreditation influences school improvement by:

  • Prompting reflection on the school as a whole.
  • Creating the opportunity for the school to function as a professional learning community.
  • Generating unique data about the school, for use in school improvement.
  • Clarifying and focusing the school’s improvement efforts around specific, targeted, measurable objectives.
  • Encouraging “ownership” of the resulting school improvement plans.

The study also showed:

  • Schools rated themselves highest in the areas of Governance and Leadership and Resources and Support Systems.
  • Schools rated themselves the lowest on Documenting and Using Results and Commitment to Continuous Improvement.
The research report clearly supports that accreditation makes a difference in helping schools improve.  The external review (QAR) is particularly helpful in allowing schools to see themselves through a “different set of eyes.” 
If you would like to obtain a copy of the research report, please visit AdvancED’s Online Store at
AdvancED Launches New Web Site
AdvancED has launched a new Web site – - with a fresh look and refined navigation!  We took our schools' advice and made the Web site both user-friendly and more up-to-date.  We’ve included new sections on School Improvement and Issues in Education, and added more news items.  Check out AdvancED’s new Web site and find out how we are fostering new ideas and solutions, putting schools and districts first, advancing excellence, and transforming education.

As part of the AdvancED Web site redesign, we have moved all Accreditation Resources and Tools to a single, convenient location.  These resources will only be available to institutions involved in AdvancED Accreditation.  Many of the tools and resources have been updated and new ones have been added.  Because these resources have been placed in a repository created only for schools and districts involved in the accreditation process, your principal, head of school, or superintendent will have details on locating these resources and tools.
2011 AdvancED International Summit
Education is still the world’s most powerful force for change; it is the foundation from which great people and great ideas emerge.  The 2011 AdvancED International Summit, March 19-21 in Chicago, IL, will assemble educators dedicated to strengthening and advancing education worldwide.  Themed the Power to Transform, this summit will engage thought leaders, practitioners, and policymakers in deliberation on today’s most pressing and provocative issues facing our educational system.  Visit the AdvancED Web site at for more information and to register today.

It is once again that time of year to login to the AdvancED Web site and update the Demographic Information for your school. Click here to update your Demographic  Information. If you need assistance or your access code, please call Jane Wilson at 888.413.3669, ext. 5726.

AdvancED, the home of NCA CASI and SACS CASI, is dedicated to
advancing excellence in education worldwide.

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