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July 2015 Newsletter

Presidents Message

Hello Everyone!  I am excited about the coming year and our determination to make a good thing even better! We will continue to focus upon celebrating and helping to grow the Facility Manager Professional and surrounding them with the tools they need to excel.

The past year did go by quickly, but wanted to make sure you all knew what a great team we had and the many hours worked to make it so. In particular, Laura Shaw was a workaholic on our behalf. It’s true that she contributed many hours on behalf of our Chapter, but they would not have been so effective were it not for her experience, shrewdness, and common sense, as a result of being involved over many years. I must confess that I would not be comfortable in the President’s role without Laura right beside me. She’s awesome!

Likewise, Neville Devlaliwalla was a super Past President and challenged our thinking with wise insight and counsel. Hayden James has done an outstanding job as Treasurer and I value his professional and life experience dearly. Carol Carter works diligently on so many fronts and has good insight on tough issues. Dianne Brindisi, a long time active and hardworking member of GTC of IFMA, will be our Vice President. She is already running hard generating action plans on a number of issues and committees. I would run out of space acknowledging the valuable work that the Committee Chairs, Co-Chairs, and Committee members contributed.

I am particularly excited that the Past Presidents’ Council has approached me about being very active this year. To name a couple, they will provide leadership with assisting the updating of our by-laws and continue to look at succession planning.

I will end by saying what I say virtually every time I am afforded the opportunity to speak. Please don’t sit on the sidelines. The magic is that by joining a committee and being involved, you receive the full benefit of learning new things and making new friends. I speak for all of the officers and committee leaders in telling you that we are honored to serve you and hope to be transparent and approachable in every regard.

Randy Rabon, President 2015-2016  

Randy Rabon_2015



8 - Citrix Tour & Social


12 - Luncheon

22 - Family Picnic & Cornhole

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FM Corner
Rise of New Groupthink
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IFMA Rescheduled Citrix Tour 

We welcome our IFMA membership to participate in a tour of the new Citrix office on July 8, 2015 located at 120 S West Street in the warehouse district of downtown Raleigh.  The Citrix office is a redevelopment of Dillon Supply Warehouse.  This facility is one of four “Tier 1” sites (more than 500 people) for Citrix in the US.  We will gather at 5:00PM and the tour will start at 5:30PM. 

The Social following the Citrix Tour will now be held at the Flying Saucer located at 328 W. Morgan Street directly up the street from Citrix.

Special thanks to Custom Door & Gate and Bland Landscaping
for sponsoring!  




New Venue for Future IFMA Luncheons

The GTC of IFMA has signed a contract with Brier Creek Country Club located at 9400 Club Hill Dr, Raleigh, NC  27617.  This will be the new location for our 2nd Wednesday meetings beginning with the September luncheon, and we look forward to this new venue!  






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August Luncheon
Join us on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at 11:30am at PNC Arena, 1400 Edwards Mill Road, Raleigh, NC for Speaker Tracey Gritz with The Efficient Office. Productivity, the idea of getting more done, has become a recipe for overwhelming burnout. Tracey Gritz is a productivity expert who has experienced this first hand. Founder of 2 previously successful businesses, she is currently the president of The Efficient Office, a productivity firm she established in 2008 to help busy professionals increase their productivity, profits and peace of mind. This is not your typical “how-to-become-more-productive” presentation. You will learn Tracey’s successful 5 step method that turns the traditional paradigm upside down. You will be empowered to move from chaotic work days, missed deadlines, and firefighting to focused and purposeful workdays, filled with getting big things done and more time to do the things you love with those you love.


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2015-2016 Sponsorships

The Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA Annual Sponsorship opportunities are open! This program allows our Chapter to provide professional development opportunities, exciting and innovative programs and networking events for our members. These sponsorships fund the majority of programming and operations for the Chapter. We are extremely thankful for the support of all sponsors and strive to create a sponsorship program that benefits the sponsor. 
Sponsorship sign up has been extended through July 17th!



2nd Annual IFMA Picnic & Cornhole Tournament

Registration is OPEN for the 2nd Annual IFMA Family Picnic & Cornhole Tournament on Saturday, August 22 from 11am-3pm. Bring your family to Lake Wheeler, 6404 Lake Wheeler Road, Raleigh, NC 27603 for a food and fun-filled picnic overlooking the lake - all compliments of IFMA. 

During the 1pm-3pm portion, we'll have a cornhole tournament complete with complimentary beer. Start lining up your tourney partner (family member or colleague) and come up with a fun team name! In the meantime, start stocking up on boxes of wholesome breakfast cereal which will go to the Food Bank to feed children in need.  Consider starting a cereal drive at your office!


CFM Question
You just received the results of a customer service survey that indicates that your services do not meet with customers' expectations.  You call a staff meeting to describe the results of the survey and to discuss an improvement plan.  What is the most important thing you can do to ensure that your staff aids in improving the delivery of service:
A. Come to the meeting with an improvement plan outlined 

B. Hire staff to clean up the backlog
C. Ask for ideas from staff on how to improve the services & develop an improvement plan with them
D. Set targets for staff to meet to ensure all services will be delivered on time & on budget

Milliken-CVENT-01 PMC Haworth_CVENT-01
Answers to CFM Question:  C

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