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Newsletter #6

Dear PLANHEAT friends,

It is our pleasure to bring to your attention the 6th and final PLANHEAT newsletter and start it off with some words from the project coordinator:

A new year has recently started and this will be for the whole PLANHEAT team the “first year without PLANHEAT”. As you may know, the PLANHEAT project started in September 2016 and our R&D activities will end at the end of January this year. It has been a long and challenging adventure and I’m proud to say that all partners did their best to achieve our common goal: realise a first of its kind integrated tool that can support public authorities to imagine and study a new greener future for heating and cooling systems in cities, villages, towns, districts all overEurope.

EU cities have been at the heart of our project: during the development of the tool, they had the chance to provide feedback. Our wish is that the PLANHEAT tool will be carried on after the end of the project, that it will be used by more and more technicians, energy managers, researchers and consultants in the next weeks, months and years to facilitate the planning of low carbon H&C technologies in Europe.

Thanks to all PLANHEAT partners: they have been wise and clever colleagues and have become good friends. Thanks to everyone who followed PLANHEAT: please keep doing so by visiting our website, downloading our tool and using it! We need you to make PLANHEAT useful and used!

Best regards,

Stefano Barberis (PLANHEAT coordinator), on behalf of all

PLANHEAT Team Members


The PLANHEAT Tool is available for download!

The PLANHEAT tool is now ready for its first use! And we need your support to know how you like the tool and how it can still be improved!

To download and test it, please fill in a form.

More info and download

After filling in the form, you’ll receive the download link for the PLANHEAT tool. Please note that you need to install QGIS on your system to use the PLANHEAT tool (you can download QGIS here).

We also have tailor-made trainings ready for you to accompany you during your heat planning journey with PLANHEAT!

Training for Dutch Cities: Planning & Simulating Scenarios

The last PLANHEAT training will be organised on 21/01 in Delft, the Netherlands.

Cannot attend? Check out the e-learning platform!

PLANHEAT e-learning platform

The PLANHEAT e-learning platform features all training modules as an interactive learning experience, webinars as well as the tool handbook. Everything you need to know to get started!


Discover all the PLANHEAT functionalities

The PLANHEAT website has been extensively updated, and now includes details on the mapping module, the planning and simulation modules. It also gives a first impression of how the PLANHEAT tool looks like with screenshots from real city use-cases.

Learn more

The tool is a platform that allows the interconnections among three open source, easy-to-use IT modules – the mapping module, the planning module, the simulation module – and a KPI panel. The platform allows the visualisation and mapping of results, the visualisation of the scenarios selected with the planning tool, and the visualisation of results coming from the simulations.

The PLANHEAT Tool is Q-GIS plug-in, based on an open-source code, whose goal is to analyse, plan and simulate low carbon H&C scenarios. The user is guided by a step-by-step procedure that, starting from the assessment of the local heating and cooling demand and potential sources, conducts the end-user through the whole planning process towards the simulation of future low carbon scenarios.


PLANHEAT Part of Italian National Energy Agency’s Energy Efficiency Report

PLANHEAT and its Italian partners RINA Consulting and the City of Lecce have been cooperating with ENEA, the Italian National Energy Agency. The Italian National Energy Agency is responsible for the Italian Energy Strategic Roadmap as well as first promoter of energy efficiency and SE(C)AP redaction at city level, has just released their Annual Report about the implementation of Energy Efficiency measures in Italy and the achievement of strategic energy goals.

The City of Lecce and RINA Consulting presented their PLANHEAT experience in the Annual Report (see p.176) and the importance of low carbon heating and cooling planning to achieve SEAP goals and promote the decarbonisation of Italian cities.

More information & full report


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