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Cooling is an integral factor in our energy system. Cooling is needed in a large variety of sectors and industries, not just in buildings but in the food chain, in manufacturing industries, for data centres, the medical sector and many more. And the demand is set to grow even further. Several individual policy measures already directly address cooling and refrigeration, such as for example Ecodesign, and have allowed to make significant progress towards energy efficient and sustainable solutions. However, much more can be done by adopting a holistic approach and raising awareness on the tremendous potential of cooling and refrigeration. Therefore, a diverse group of stakeholders representing various sectors and industries, either in demand of sustainable cooling or offering sustainable solutions, have joined forces and founded coolingEU. 

Come and join us for our official launch event, learn more about the future of cooling and our initiative, and discuss with our experts from practice and academia!

Register here before June 15

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coolingEU c/o Euroheat & Power - Cours Saint Michel 30a, Box E 1040 Brussel BE

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