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Professor David Grant, Pro Vice Chancellor (Business) introduces the 2017 Federal Budget analysis by the Griffith Business School

Economy further challenged

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by Professor Fabrizio Carmignani, Griffith Business School

The Treasurer falls short of what Australia needs to sustain growth in the long-term. Moreover, in spite of a somewhat popular view this was a “labour budget”, the artificial distinction between good and bad debt and several of the provisions around social welfare provide fertile grounds for Australia’s hidden disease, inequality, to blossom.

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Home affordability - an ongoing issue 

Robert Bianchi
by Associate Professor Robert Bianchi, Griffith Business School

The Federal Government has a number of levers it can pull to ensure housing affordability doesn't become the 'great Australian pipe dream'. However, the crucial economic question of how the government addresses housing affordability without adding to demand remains unanswered after the 2017 Federal Budget.

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Regions benefit through infrastructure 

Christine Smith
by Professor Christine Smith, Griffith Business School

The pre-budget talk was all about nation building through sizeable infrastructure projects. Now, regional Australia is set to benefit after Scott Morrison opened the cheque book to bring forward a host of big ticket items from last year's $50 billion infrastructure program.

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Coalition infighting remains a thorn in PM's side

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by Professor Anne Tiernan, Griffith Business School

The 2017 Federal Budget is make or break for Turnbull and Morrison as the vestiges of the Abbott-Hockey era and accusations of dysfunctional politics continue to undermine efforts to reboot economic confidence.

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Defence holding steady

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by Professor Andrew O'Neil, Griffith Business School

While the 2017 Defence budget confirms a commitment to large-scale projects currently in play, an emphasis on job creation in the Defence arena also moves to reaffirm the Government's "Australia first" agenda.

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Energy policy can't be blacked out

Liam Wagner
by Dr Liam Wagner, Griffith Business School

The 2017 Federal Budget includes incentives for development of more gas supplies via pipeline construction. However, a focus on LNG exports only diverts the energy policy debate away from the transmission infrastructure crisis highlighted by the summer blackouts. 

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