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NICHQ News - January 2016
Judith Gooding and Katherine FlahertyNICHQ Welcomes New Executive Team Leaders
Judith Gooding has joined NICHQ as the Chief Operating Officer and Katherine Flaherty, ScD, has been named Vice President of Development. Both bring extensive health and healthcare management experience to help lead NICHQ into its future.

How to Get Leadership Support for Hospital Breastfeeding Initiatives
Leadership support is a necessary foundation to any change effort. Melanie Mouzoon, MD, knows that well. After getting leadership buy-in at her hospital, her team was able to increase the hospital's exclusive breastfeeding rate 300 percent. Here's how she did it. 

  Mother Nursing Newborn

Medicaid Data Increasingly Used to Improve State's MCH Programs
With America's infant mortality rate almost three times higher than other industrialized countries and low-income families affected most significantly, a growing number of states are using Medicaid data to spot trends in maternal and child health outcomes.
  Data On The Board

Improving Blurry Pediatric Practices for a Better Vision Health System
For many, the first time a parent thinks about possible problems with their child's vision is when they get a vision referral letter from school. More needs to be done to make sure parents and providers understand the importance of vision health as the child develops. 
  Girl Getting Eye Exam

Perinatal Quality Collaboratives
are Partners in Safe Sleep
Message Spread

Studies show that parents model the behaviors of nurses that care for their babies in the hospital. Since pre-term infants are at a distinct risk for sleep-related infant mortality, a new focus has been put on improving safe sleep practices in neonatal intensive care units. 
  Baby In NICU Sleeping Safely

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