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NICHQ News: November 2013
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Monthly QI Quiz
The “Do” part of a PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) cycle involves which of the following?
A. Carry out the plan
B. Document problems and observations
C. Begin data analysis
D. Adopt the change
E. A, B and C
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Featured Video

Video: Improving Breastfeeding in Texas - Get Involved!
NICHQ is helping to support breastfeeding in Texas birthing centers. Our next wave of recruitment is now open! Watch the video above to find out more.
Featured Publication

New! Next Steps: A Practitioner’s Guide for Themed Follow-Up Visits for Patients to Achieve a Healthy Weight

NICHQ helped create this handy guide with flip chart for clinicians to help children and adolescents reduce and manage weight. Available now through the AAP Bookstore.

> NICHQ will be presenting at the IHI Forum on Dec. 8 in Orlando on transforming a practice into a medical home.

> Jennifer Ustianov, director of Best Fed Beginnings, was recently quoted in an article on improving breastfeeding in St. Louis.
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Like Halloween Every Day
Leadership Message

“I love Halloween,” says Rachel Steele, NICHQ’s COO and VP of Business Development. “For one day every year, I get to try something new, look totally silly, celebrate fear and play with possibilities, all without the usual external or internal constraints. Can you imagine what life would be like if we had that freedom all the time? Wouldn’t it be great if we were able to take risks without fear?” Read More.

Rachel Steele and her niece in their Halloween costumes
Leadership Engagement Is Critical to the Success of Improvement Efforts

There’s no easy way around it: change is hard, and resistance to change comes in many forms. Regardless of the type of opposition, teams working on everything from breastfeeding support to sickle cell disease are finding ways to ensure leadership commitment to help overcome organizational resistance. Read More.

Leadership Engagement article
How and Why to Include the Patient Perspective

Time and time again, both patients and healthcare partners have told NICHQ that the experience of working together on a quality improvement team is invaluable for both sides. Here are some tips and tools on how to engage with patient representatives and apply patient knowledge to your improvement efforts. Read More.

Parent Partnerships article
Why I Participate: By Parent Partner Lindsay Fonseca

I am proud to be the mother representative for Women & Infants Hospital in Providence, RI, during its journey to become “Baby-Friendly” through NICHQ’s Best Fed Beginnings program. As a mother, I couldn’t be more excited about this initiative. I always wanted to breastfeed my children. However, even after taking a prenatal breastfeeding class, I was still not prepared to face any of the obstacles I would encounter as a breastfeeding mother. Read More.

Lindsay Fonseca and her family

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