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Hello All!                                                        

This month we have Leighton Johnson returning to teach us Security Controls Evaluation, Testing, and Assessment!  This three day class will provide a current and well-developed approach to evaluation and testing of security controls to prove they are functioning correctly in today's IT systems!!  This 24 CPE credit hour is now just $350 for members and includes both a PDF of Leighton's latest book as well as a hard copy - a $90 value!!

Your ISACA membership has not yet been cancelled!! Renew before February 29, 2016 to avoid any lapse in membership! In addition to getting quality, local training at a great per CPE price, you also get access to the many resources available at

Renew today!

Kathleen Hall, 
2015 – 2016 SC Midlands President


In This Issue

The Chapter is 269 members STRONG!

New Members        
Debe Randolph
Richard Hutto
Donald Sears
Justina Heath
Wayne Sams
Jacqueline Wallace
John Caput



Techno Security & Mobile Forensics Investigations Conference 2015


Upcoming Chapter Training

You should be receiving individual emails now regarding registration for our upcoming classes.  If you are receiving too many emails, please eliminate the email addresses you do not want to receive communications from us. Here is what is planned for the next few months:

February 9, 10 and 11, 2016 - Security Controls Evaluation, Testing, and Assessment  Presented by Leighton Johnson for 24 CPEs – Registration Now Open!  Payment due at time of registration accepted online by credit card, E-Check, or by Corporate Payment.
March 8, 2016 - The Heart of the Network - Router Configuration and Security Tips - 6 CPEs - Presented by Mark Krawczyk, IT Audit Director for Advance America.  To find out more and to register, go to 


April 12, 2016 - John Gatto returns to discuss SDLC, Outsourcing, BYOD, and Social Media - 6 CPEs

May 17-18, 2016 - Peter Morin returns with a two-day, hands-on class on Malware Analysis - 12 CPEs

And more to be announced!

Also, please “SAVE  THE  DATE” for our 2016 Annual SC Statewide Audit Conference to be held in our same recent location, the Columbia Marriott Hotel & Conference Center downtown at Main & Hampton Streets -- across from the Columbia Museum of Art, near the State Capital, the University of SC & the Congaree Vista, Wednesday November 2 – Friday November 4, 2016.


Education Information


We are receiving questions about the following topics and have provided your answers!  Please make sure you do not choose to opt out of our communications.  If you do, several of these processes will not work, as we cannot send you email when you have asked us not to.

Instructions for obtaining CPE certificate:

After attending class, you will receive an email that is titled Feedback and CPE for (class name).  The Feedback Survey requires answers for three or four questions. When done, hit submit.  Very quickly after hitting submit, each individual will receive a second email that has a link for downloading their CPE Certificate.  It will download as “badgexxxxxxxx” where the “x’s” are random characters, but represent the unique identifier assigned to each registrant.  This file will appear in the “Recently Downloaded” file, and it will also be seen at the bottom left of the monitor.  Click on it and save with Name and Class Info to a Folder to retain the certificates.  SC Midlands ISACA Chapter 54 does not report your CPEs to ISACA International – this is each member’s responsibility.

Class Materials:

To obtain any class materials, use your class confirmation number and the weblink for the event to reenter the class website.  When you are on the Summary Page, there are several Tabs running across the top of the page – one will be “Class Material.”  Click on the tab, and download, save and print if you would like.

Class Registration, Confirmation Numbers and Class Invoice:

Payment is now due at the time of registration by Credit, Debit or E-Checks.  We have eliminated the option for Mail in Payments for individuals.  Once you are registered, you will be able to print an Invoice.  If you do not choose to do that at the time of registration, but find you need this Invoice later, use the confirmation email that you received after registering which contains your Confirmation Number and a link to the Class website.  Re-enter the class website by using  the Class Link and enter your Confirmation Number.  Under the Tab “My Registration, you will then see a tab “Invoice.”  If you need reimbursement, you can choose to print out your invoice for submittal to your organization’s Accounts Payable Department.    

Corporate Payment:

Organizations may choose to register their groups of employees to come to our events.  Instead of registering one by one, do this as a group registration which will produce one confirmation number for your Accounts Payable to process the payment.  After inputting all the names and information of the individuals to attend, select Corporate Payment as the process to use for payment. A confirmation notice will appear and produce the Confirmation Number and a link to the class event. The Confirmation number and the Class link is all Accounts Payable will need to go back into the event and make payment by Credit or E-Check.  Special permission from the Chapter President ( is needed for a mail-in check.  Personal mail-in checks or cash are no longer accepted.  Each employee registered will receive an email confirmation notice and be able to enter the class website to obtain class materials and their CPE certificate.  We are hoping this process makes it easier for our large organizations to register and pay for their employees. It should fit in well with corporate policies that require pre-approval for training.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Techno Security & Mobile Forensics Investigations Conference 2015

Featured Research


Recently Released Research Deliverables:

Some of the projects that are out or available for free download for members on the ISACA website:

Some of the other materials launching include the COBIT 5 Poster to help promote COBIT and ISACA has also done a survey on Advanced Persistent Threat Awareness.  In the study, it was learned that people still rely on Anti-Virus and firewalls alone so ISACA would like to bring awareness to people, to help them be more resilient and address AVG and use a more holistic approach.  This is also for people who use mobile devices that need protection against threats.

For information on these publications

Coming Attractions 

ISACA is creating an interactive tool that will help an individual complete a personalized cybersecurity career roadmap.  You will learn about what jobs you are qualified for and define your developmental goals and aspirations. The CSX career roadmap will set you up for success.

Another upcoming guide is, Governance of Enterprise IT (GEIT). The purpose of using a GEIT system is to deliver value to stakeholders.  Also, in the area of COBIT, are the enabler guide and the next COBIT 5 guide is Principles, Policies and Framework (PPF) coming out later in 2016.

In addition to white papers, ISACA is creating more tools. They are working on a Threat and Control Tools with the implementation guide and this is an online tool coming out the first quarter of this year.

Finally, ISACA will make the certification manuals in an e-book format while the hardcopy will still be available to purchase from the bookstore.

Volunteer Engagement for ISACA

Volunteer opportunities are now more flexible and respect your busy time and schedule.  ISACA is excited to offer a new way to volunteer and contribute your skills and expertise.  
The opportunities and who to contact for each of these opportunities are available at





Techno Security & Mobile Forensics Investigations Conference 2015

ISACA Calendar of Events & Deadlines


10 Feb 2016 June certification Exam Early Registration Deadline

11 Feb 2016 Webinar: Prediction-Security Moves from Barrier to Main Benefit of Cloud Adoption

24 Feb 2016 Early Bird Deadline for COBIT Conference and North America CACS

14-17 Mar 2016 Network Security Auditing Training Week - Miami Florida USA

18-21 Apr 2016 Information Security Essentials for IT Auditors - Chicago Illinois USA

30 April-1 May 2016 COBIT Conference - New Orleans Louisiana USA

2-4 May 2016 North America CACS - New Orleans Louisiana USA

2-5 May 2016 Fundamentals of IS Audit & Assurance Training Week - New Orleans Louisiana USA 


Other Training Opportunities


CSRA IIA Chapter is presenting
If you listen carefully..... they will tell you by Melissa Hall, Associate Director of Forensic Audits at the Georgia Institute of Technology 

Friday February 12, 2016 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM EST

Fat Man's Cafe 
1450 Greene St.
Augusta, GA 30901  


Techno Security & Forensics Investigations Conference / Mobile Forensics World 2016

Join the industry in Myrtle Beach, June 5-8, 2016 for the 18th edition of Techno Security & Forensics Investigations Conference and 9th edition of Mobile forensics World to be held concurrently at the Marriott Resort at Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach, SC, USA.

The 2016 event will feature 90 speakers, 80 sessions, 2 keynotes, and 50 sponsors/exhibits over four days of networking among 1,000 cybersecurity and digital forensics industry professionals.  The 2016 primary seminar topics include: Audit/Risk Management; Cloud Security; Forensics; Investigations; Information Security; and Host Sponsor Labs.

Full conference details will be available by early March 2016.  Don't miss out!

For full details and to register, please visit

Note: ISACA SC Midland Chapter members receive a special 30% discount - contact Sue Rusher at for additional details.                                                                        



Cybersecurity Nexus

Stay Informed of Cybersecurity Trends

The FREE CSX Threats & Controls Tools from ISACA®'s Cybersecurity Nexus™ (CSX) is ideal for new or more-seasoned cyber security professionals and individuals looking to break into this in-demand profession. Leverage it to identify which of 72 key controls best defend against each of today's most pervasive cyber security threats, including: Social engineering; Insider threats; Advanced persistent threats; Cybercrime; DDoS; Malware; Mobile malware; Ransomware; Unpatched systems; and Watering hole.
Try it Now

The Nexus contains original Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) content and curated cybersecurity articles from around the web.
Visit The Nexus subscription page of the ISACA web site to subscribe now.

 Techno Security & Mobile Forensics Investigations Conference 2015“Follow” ISACA's Cybersecurity Nexus page to stay up to date on all things cybersecurity: 


Social Media




Certification Updates

CISM Newly Certified
James Rhodes, CISM, January 11, 2016

If you are interested in sitting for the June 2016 ISACA exams and/or a review course, please contact us at

Additional Information

  • Exam language offerings—The CISA and CISM exams are offered in many languages. For a complete listing of CISA and CISM exam languages, please see page 2 of the ISACA Exam Candidate Information Guide. CRISC exams are offered in Spanish and English. The CGEIT exam is offered only in English. The CISA Chinese Traditional-, German-, Hebrew- and Italian-language exams and the CISM Japanese- and Korean-language exams are available only at the June 2016 exam administration. Please encourage those wanting to test in these languages to register for the June 2016 exam, as the next test offered in those languages will not be until June 2017.
  • CISA updates—The new CISA job practice will be effective with the June 2016 exam. Beginning in June 2016, the CISA exam will contain 150 questions testing the new job practice. There are no changes in the CISA certification requirements.
  • Certification recognitions—CISM took the top spot in Certification Magazine's salary survey, which lists security certifications by average base salary. CRISC and CISA were ranked 5 and 6, respectively. This comprehensive salary survey gathered data on more than 800 IT certifications across all categories.


We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Techno Security & Mobile Forensics Investigations Conference 2015


Visit SC Midlands Chapter of ISACA at to find out more about our upcoming educational events!  Click on Events at the top of the page, and then hit the Monthly Training tab to review our events.


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