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A Message from
Higher Things Conferences

Dear Group Leaders,

Hello! A couple of small registration details for you to confirm in your group’s registration this week.
Read on! 

Registration updates

Please note that background checks for each person 21 and over at the time of the conference were due on May 1st. Please see the policy and requirements in your registration details. If you have questions, please contact us! 

Higher Things for a Day passes are now available at all FIVE conferences! You'll be able to register by going to Just under the heading there's a link to REGISTER FOR CONCORDIA 2019. Click on that, and it'll take you to a page where you can scroll down to the conference you wish to attend and click on the link to "Register for HIGHER THINGS FOR A DAY in ___". Then you'll just need enter information and follow the prompts to complete your registration.


Each year, Higher Things provides each registrant with an official conference t-shirt at no additional cost. It’s one less thing to pack! All registrants will wear their shirts on one designated day of the conference. T-shirts will be ordered according to the size indicated on registrations. If there are any that need to be updated in your group, please contact Cyndy Bishop at

Conference Choir and Orchestra

Participating in the conference choir is one of the best ways for youth (and adults!) from all over the country to get to know each other. Everyone is welcome to sing in the choir, regardless of experience! Rehearsal times for the choir will be included in the week’s schedule. Registering for choir and orchestra took place while going through the initial registration process.

Due to copyright restrictions, photocopies of music will not be available for the choir. Following the conference, the music that was purchased during the registration process can be taken home as a souvenir! If you do not choose to purchase music, simply show up for the first choir rehearsal on campus. You can then look on with someone else. This charge only applies to choir music, not orchestra music.

Those interested in playing in the orchestra also needed to register in advance. Their registration should indicate that they’d like to play in the orchestra and which instrument they would be playing. It’s very important that each instrumentalist includes a valid email address to receive audition information and music. Please make sure the email is for the student or family, not the group leader. 

Around May 15th, those registered as an instrumentalist will be sent audition music and instructions. Tell your youth not to be intimidated by this, it’s a very informal process that just requires a smartphone that can record audio or video. Those auditions will need to be received by May 31st, and those chosen from the auditions to play at the conference will be notified by our Music Coordinator on Friday, June 7th. Links to download music will be made available at that time. 

Coming Soon: Travel plans and Housing

As always, contact us if you have any questions or concerns!


Sandra Madden and Crysten Sanchez

Conference Executive and Conference Coordinator
Higher Things, Inc.

2019 Concordia Logo

“The Word of the Lord endures forever.”
(1 Peter 1:25)

“Concordia.” It literally means “with one heart” in Latin. The Church is unified around the confession of Jesus as our Lord and Savior like a congregation singing together in many different parts but singing the same song together in perfect harmony.

Concordia isn’t just a feeling that we are one. It’s not only something that we strive to have. We don’t sacrifice what we believe in order to be unified. True Concord is always centered around the confession of Christ and Him crucified!

God speaks. We receive His words into our ears. He gives our tongues the words to say to Him and to those around us. We repeat, together, His Words back to Him. We sing them, we confess them, all agreeing together, “with one heart and voice” our confession of Jesus!

In a world where youth are tempted to compromise, Higher Things is excited to plan our 2019 Conferences centered on the theme of the Church and Unity.

What have I missed?

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