Plan Your Conference

It takes a lot of work to deliver large events, like a pharmaceutical conference, an academic convention or an industry trade show. You don’t just need good planning, but also the right tools. With Cvent’s integrated end-to-end conference management software, you can manage your attendees, participants and event details, all in one convenient place. Elevate your most complex events to the next level, so you can grow your business, maximise your ROI, retain your clients and inspire employees.

Conference Registration Simplified

Ensure your targeted attendees sign up and show up at your conference with Cvent’s end-to-end conference registration software. Build customised websites for your event to collect registrations, payments and speaker submissions online. Streamline conference promotions and marketing, travel logistics and more.

Cvent works with the systems you already have

Create a seamless flow of data between any of your SaaS solutions and Cvent with the Cvent Integration Hub. Cvent’s open platform offers the capability to integrate with any web-based program, including the ones highlighted below.

With seamless data flow to your CRM you can minimise time-to-action on your event leads.

Improve customer engagement and your workflow processes simultaneously with our CRM integration which will ensure connected data, automatic updates, tasks, rule assignments, and much more.

Create campaigns that help build better customer profiles and accelerate the sales cycle.

By integrating Cvent with your Marketing Automation System, you will be able to accurately capture event activity and attendee behaviour, which will result in more targeted campaigns, stronger messaging and powerful customer insights.

Ensure the success of your online meetings and seminars.

Our integration capabilities allows seamless sharing of data between web conferencing platforms and Cvent, which means event registrants will be able to easily attend virtual meetings. Say goodbye to the technical frustrations that sometimes derail registration and attendance.

Impress your members with dynamic events and synchronised profiles.

Get attendees authenticated for your exclusive events and also capture a 360-degree view of their attendee journey into your AMS. By getting Cvent integrated with your systems, you will not only eliminate the manual processes but also improve the data flow in your tech stack.

Make accommodation and travel booking a cohesive part of your attendee management experience.

Capture, manage and reduce travel and accommodation spend while driving compliance to your organisation’s policies.

Ensure better budgeting by simplifying and automating your event payments.

Capture and track meeting and event expenditure directly and securely by integrating with the Cvent system to gain greater visibility and provide more accurate reporting.

An End-to-End Corporate Conference Management Solution

Registration Management

Streamline conference registration with Cvent’s powerful online event registration software. Increase registration rates without the headaches associated with spreadsheets and forms.

Accommodation Management

Manage your attendees’ trip itineraries, room bookings and roommate requests through Cvent’s accommodation & travel management solution, which integrates with top travel tools.

Onsite Check-in & Badging

Provide a quick and easy check-in experience to your attendees with Cvent’s onsite check-in tools. The tools include features like payment processing and on-demand badge printing.

Abstract Management

Crowdsource great content for your conference with an efficient Call-for-Papers process, using our Abstract Management solution. Simplify the entire process, from collecting submissions to publishing final selections into an agenda.


Provide a quick and easy check-in experience to your attendees with Cvent’s onsite check-in tools. The tools include features like payment processing and on-demand badge printing.

Speaker Management

Showcase speaker profiles with greater ease. Save time by skipping the manual effort required in collecting presentation ideas and managing sessions. Provide speakers with a hub where they can submit bios, headshots, and presentations.

Lead Capture

Equip your exhibitors and sales teams with tools they need to qualify leads at the point of contact, which also allows for more effective follow up and increased ROI. Easily track and demonstrate the impact of your event by integrating this data into your CRM.

Session Attendance Tracking

Track attendee journey, increase ROI, and attain better customer insights. Use our badge scanning and/or RFID technology to understand attendee movement and session attendance. Our solutions also include access control and signature collection options.

Social Engagement Solutions

Encourage attendees to engage with your event and with one another by displaying live social media feeds throughout your conference space. With SocialWall, you can tell your event's story in an interactive, visual way, and grab your attendees’ attention.

Sponsor/Exhibitor Management

Track sponsor and exhibitor deliverables and provide access to pertinent information and materials. Enable exhibitors to track who they met with and follow up on new opportunities.

Event Mobile Apps

Build an intuitive mobile app for your conference to deliver smart content to attendees and facilitate networking. Encourage attendee to speaker engagement in real-time.

Venue Sourcing & Room Blocking

Create, manage and send RFPs, communicate with industry contacts, and gain insight into your meeting spend, all through a centralised system that offers account-wide reporting.

Conference Support Team

The Conference Support Team is led by the Senior Manager of Service Delivery. Each client works closely with a Project Manager who helps oversee the entire process to guarantee completion. The team is also made up of Subject Matter Experts who specialise in various fields, such as the Mobile App Specialist, Business Analyst, Technical Engineer, and Lead Management Specialist.

Onsite Support

Cvent also offers onsite support to ensure a seamless and positive attendee experience at your conferences and/or other large events. The Cvent team will support and train your onsite staff, as well as provide, ship, set-up, configure, and test your onsite technology.

  • Onsite registration check-in
  • Badge printers and computers, including RFID printers
  • Lead management scanners
  • Session scanners
  • Mobile app support
  • Agenda printer kiosks
  • Attendance tracking hardware, including RFID tracking
  • Badge stock, badge holders, and any registration materials