Corporate Strategic Meetings Management Software Overview

With Cvent, you can:

  • increase attendance by 20%
  • increase attendance by 20%
  • decrease cost by 30%

When it comes to costs, most organisations genuinely have no idea how much they are spending on meetings and events, or where exactly that money is going. Cvent's industry-leading strategic meetings management system allows you to not only gain this visibility but also drive compliance and save costs while improving engagement and the overall attendee experience - all in one end-to-end platform!

Gain Visibility

  • Identify detailed meeting activity: the who, what, where, when, why and how.
  • Pull real-time reports of meeting spend.
  • Calculate savings and return on investment of your meetings and events through Cvent's leading corporate meetings management software.

Drive Compliance

  • Ensure adherence to legal, regulatory, financial, operational, and internal corporate rules.
  • Abide by federal and industry wide regulations.
  • Safeguard you attendees and prioritise their safety.

Keep Costs in Check

  • Preferred supplier tracking and utilisation.
  • Supplier negotiation capabilities.
  • Reduce booking costs by up to 15%.

Cvent works with the systems you already have.

With Cvent IntegrationsTM you can create a seamless flow of data between any of your SaaS solutions and Cvent. Cvent’s open platform allows you to integrate with any web-based program, including the highlights below.

Minimize time to action on your event leads with seamless data flow to your CRM

Improve your workflow processes and customer engagement simultaneously with connected data, automatic updates, tasks, rule assignments, and much more.

Create campaigns that accelerate the sales cycle & build better customer profiles

Accurately capture event activity and attendee behavior in your Marketing Automation System for more targeted campaigns, stronger messaging, and powerful customer insights.

Bring your online meetings and seminars to a new level of event success

Seamless sharing of data between web conferencing platforms and Cvent allows event registrants to easily attend virtual meetings. Alleviate the technical frustrations that can sometimes derail registration and attendance.

Wow your members with dynamic events and synchronized profiles

Authenticate your members for your exclusive events and get a 360-degree view of their attendee journey. Skip the manual processes and improve the data flow in your tech stack.

Make booking housing and flights a cohesive part of your attendee management experience

Capture and manage more travel spend while driving compliance to corporate travel policies, reducing travel expenses.

Improve your budgeting by simplifying and automating the event payment process

Capture and track meeting and event spend directly and securely in Cvent for greater visibility and more accurate reporting.


Cvent’s corporate meetings management software drives results across the enterprise.

Whether your organisation has initiated a full meetings management program or is just starting out, Cvent can assist you by providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution that will help align your program with your company's goals. Leverage our meetings management system to automate your processes and get all the important data and reporting to prove and show the return on your meetings and events. From meeting planning and event management, to travel management and venue sourcing, Cvent’s Strategic Meetings Management system can help you attain your organisational objectives.