Event Management for Third Party Planners

Use Cvent's robust Event Management Software to quickly plan simple or complex events for your clients, and transform from a hired-hand to the hero of event planning. Our platform does more than automate your processes and save your time.

It helps you become more efficient, make your clients happy, and build your business. Cvent’s event management solution will give your clients the confidence they need, and you the robust planning engine you’ve always wanted.

Streamline venue sourcing

Find the ideal location and supplier for every event you organise with the free Cvent Supplier Network.

Get bulk discounts

Negotiate better deals with vendors by qualifying for bulk discounts across multiple clients.

Create customised, branded event websites

Brand each of your custom event websites individually to look like your client's websites.

Maximise social engagement

Give your clients' attendees the social experience they want through event apps and SocialWall. 

Enable onsite check-In

Check your clients’ attendees into events and sessions as fast as possible and say goodbye to long queues. 

Generate revenue for clients

Leverage sponsorship opportunities built in the event app to create new revenue source for your clients.

Get detailed event reports

Gain thorough insight into your clients’ events by measuring key statistics for one event or across multiple events. 

Conduct post-event surveys

Analyse attendee feedback to determine the success of your current event and improve future events. 

Integrate with CRM tools

Integrate with leading CRM tools like Salesforce, Marketo etc. to exchange information during any stage of the event lifecycle. 

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