Infusing live events with technology bridges the divide between digital and in-person channels, creating a comprehensive footprint for event attendees. Check out our free resources to learn how you can use these insights to drive business and improve the attendee experience.

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The best event planners and marketers are aligning technology, data, and metrics before, during, and after events leading to fantastic results. Take our interactive five question quiz to see how your answers compare to the hundreds of other event professionals who shared their own ways of capturing and using event data to harness The Power of Live Events!

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More than 25,000 customers and 300,000+ active users leverage Cvent to help them manage their events and capture key marketing data and analytics. Join them.

The Power of Live Event Data

The Power of Live Event Data

Developed by Event Marketer and Cvent, this study explores how event professionals are using event technology to capture and analyze data, learn deep insights about attendee patterns, and enhance the entire event experience.

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You understand the benefits of live events, now it's time to unlock their true potential. Join us for a discussion around the tools, technology, and techniques leading companies are using to track the physical footprint from live event activity.