Welcome to the 2018 Leadership Academy Application!

Please complete the application in its entirety by Wednesday, November 6 for full consideration.


  • Interested applicants should be prepared to clearly articulate interest and describe how academy participation will benefit personal, professional, and organizational goals. Please be advised that the system limits responses to 2500 characters. You may formulate your responses in a text editor and then complete the online form. This will reduce the loss of any content due to the form timing out. 

  • Applicants are required to submit one professional recommendation letter (from someone in a supervisory or managerial role). The letter should come from individuals who are familiar with the applicant's leadership or professional work, and should explain why the applicant is a good fit for the academy. The recommendation letter must be saved with your name in the file name and submitted in PDF format (up to 10MB). If including more than one recommendation, please group them together and upload as a single PDF file. The recommendation must be uploaded before you hit the submit button. It must be uploaded and submitted along with the completed online application.

  • Applicants are responsible for submitting all required application materials to AALL by by 5 p.m. Central Time, Wednesday, November 6, for full consideration.  Selected fellows will have an opportunity to obtain a mentor and receive ongoing leadership development opportunities.