California Hospital Volunteer Impact Questionnaire

California Hospital Volunteer Impact Questionnaire

The California Hospital Volunteer Impact Questionnaire is the first phase of a multi-phase process to obtain volunteer-related data from California Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (CAHHS) member hospitals. The goal is to receive one response from every CAHHS hospital member.  Below are guidelines to help you through this process. 


The questionnaire is designed to be quick and should take less than five minutes to complete. 

There are two ways to complete this questionnaire:

  1. Online (preferred)
    1. Click ‘Begin Questionnaire’ below.
    2. Click ‘Save & Continue’ at the bottom of each page to proceed to the next question and/or section. (Note:If you need to stop, your responses will be saved so that you can return where you left off. Be sure to click ‘Save & Continue.’)
    3. All questions require a response.
    4. A progress bar at the top of the screen tracks the percentage of questions you have completed.
    5. Before exiting, you may print your answers for your records.
    6. Select 'Finish' to complete questionnaire.

  2. Paper Form
    1. Click here to obtain an Adobe PDF version of the questionnaire. 
    2. Complete the Adobe PDF document.
    3. Save a completed copy for your records.
    4. Mail your completed questionnaire to:
      CAHHS Volunteer Services
      1215 K Street, Suite 800
      Sacramento, California  95814

Multiple Hospitals

  • If you are reporting for multiple hospitals, please complete one questionnaire per hospital. 

Member Benefit

  • This questionnaire is copyrighted by the California Association of Hospitals and Health Systems. Its contents may not be copied without our permission.
  • We are collaborating for collective benefit. Individual hospital responses will not be disclosed to the public.

Submission Deadline Extended

  • Your response is requested by October 11, 2019.


Melanie Shanley
Volunteer Services Program Manager
(916) 552-7648