2020 ETSLA Call for Proposals Submission Form

2020 ETSLA Call for Proposals Submission Form


Thanks for Your Interest in the
2020 L A Summit Open Call


• To prepare for your upload, please have the following ready: session title, speaker(s) bio(s), session description, 3 bibliographic citations, 1 measurable learning objective per clock hour, speaker(s) CV(s) and photo(s).

• Questions marked with an asterisk* must be answered in order to proceed to the next page. 

• You will have up to a full hour to complete the online Proposal Submission Form. If you are unable to complete the form in one sitting, you can save your data by clicking Save and Continue at the bottom of the page, and then you should exit your browser window. In order to access your information when you return to the site, follow the steps below under the heading, "How to Modify Your Proposal After Submitting."

• If you begin the submission process and aren't ready to ‘Save and Continue’ any given page —or if you’d prefer to continue modifying or completing a particular field later— simply enter random text (or upload a random document) and then click ‘Save and Continue.’ Doing this will save all the information that you have already entered and allow you to proceed to the next page. You can return to edit your proposal later.

• To submit your proposal successfully, you must click the Submit My Proposal button on the final page.

• SIMPLIFIED SECOND PROPOSAL PROCESS: If you wish to submit a second proposal, simply select "YES" when asked if you plan to submit a second proposal, and you will be able to continue on to upload your second proposal without starting again from scratch. If you are not ready to submit your second proposal right away, you can come back to your proposal submission at any time and complete it (using the "How to Modify Your Proposal" procedure explained below).



Click on the proposal submission link and log in with the same email address each time. Logging-in will take you to the Welcome page.


 Scroll down through the Welcome page and click on I'm Ready to Proceed, as if you are starting over with the submission process, and then confirm your identity where prompted on the next page.

• Click on the small Next/Edit button below your sign-in information, and then you can edit or add to your proposal, or even submit a second proposal.

• Forward through to the end and click on Submit My Proposal.


• • •


Thanks for taking the time to submit your proposal 

 We hope to get the chance to work with you in 2020!


If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact us at