Welcome to the Loyalty360 Best-In-Class CX Benchmark Survey

Best-in-class customer experience is about orchestrating the entire value chain to deliver a personalized, authentic, consistent and responsive customer experience. This survey seeks to determine if marketing executives are seeing customers demand total CX and what technologies, processes, and systems marketing executives are employing today to foster intelligent marketing.

Are their teams and/or systems overrun with silos or are they working seamlessly together for integrated results? What skills are missing to make the full marketing tech stack and team work together? Are they able to make their systems, technology and teams work cohesively to make data actionable to not only deliver what customers want but also what they need to drive long-term growth and revenue?

The results from this survey will create a final report to be released in November 2018. All survey respondents will receive a complimentary copy of the report. 

We are looking for responses from brands, not from vendors or consultants in the field and therefore will not be included.

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Press the button below to begin the survey.


Loyalty360 is an independent, professional association for customer loyalty.

Loyalty360 collects metrics pertaining to the performance of certain marketing and operation processes around customer experience/customer loyalty. 

Loyalty360 does not disclose the responses/results for any of the individual survey responses, they will only be used in aggregate in a non-identifiable and consolidated manner in the larger industry benchmarking / report.