Membership Transfer Request

Transfer of Regular Membership Application:

If your Court has an active Regular Membership with TCCA that was left vacant by a separation of employment, the Court may transfer the remaining balance of that  Regular Membership to a new/other court employee. Membership stays within the Court. All memberships expire on December 31st of each year.

To be a Regular Member in the Texas Court Clerks Association you cannot serve in a judicial and/or vendor capacity even if employed in a municipal court or justice of the peace. Transfer of Regular Membership must be to a person that meets the eligibility requirements for Regular Membership.

Steps to Transfer Regular Membership:
(1) Complete the following application
(2) Complete a NEW Membership Application for the new member by selecting the correct chapter and following the steps for membership application on the TCCA website.
(3) Forward your New Membership Invoice Email to the TCCA Membership Chair to review and com
plete the Transfer process.

Please note that Membership Transfers may take up to 20 days to process.