eConsent Global Landscape Assessment Survey



Welcome to the eConsent Global Landscape Assessment Survey!

The TransCelerate eConsent Team has designed the questions that follow to better understand eConsent experience from across the globe. We appreciate your comprehensive responses, as this will allow us to develop an accurate picture of where eConsent is and better address any barriers/concerns.  

The outputs of this survey will be blinded and aggregated by a third party. No company names will be specifically mentioned. 

Before completing the survey we strongly recommend that you review the questions in advance using this link: 2019 TransCelerate eConsent Global Landscape Assessment Questions. The time estimate below assumes that you are prepared with the relevant information about your eConsent experience. 

The survey is divided into three sections: 

Section 1: Initial Information: Enter your contact information. This can be used to access your answers at a later date. (Time = less than 1 min)

Section 2: General eConsent Concepts: General questions around your company's eConsent studies and challenges faced with eConsent implementation. (Time = 2 min)

Section 3: Measuring eConsent Impact: Using metrics to measure the value of eConsent concepts. (Time = 2 min)

Section 4: Country List: Identify where you have submitted eConsent (Time = 3 min)

Section 5: Country-specific Submission Questions: For each country you identify in Section 4, we will ask more specific questions related to your submission package approval and eConsent experience. (Time = 5 min/country)

Section 6: Final Questions: Provide feedback on the survey (Time = 2 min)


GLS process

If you do not finish the survey, you can return to where you left off by inputting the same email address used in your contact information (Found in Section 1)