2022 Chapter Education Application
Welcome to the 2022 Chapter Education Application!

Would your chapter like to apply for accredited education hours that your members can use toward continuing educational hours for the TCCA certification program?

Follow the steps below to ensure your training is registered properly before you market or advertise your educational program:

Complete the following Education Application 45 days prior to training date

  • Attach a copy of the instructor bio or resume with each application.  Speaker bios are good for the current calendar year.  Updated bios are required every calendar year.
  • Attach a copy of the speaker agreement.  Speaker agreements are good for the current calendar year.  Updated agreements are required every calendar year.
  • Attach a copy of the student materials.  This must include an outline giving an overview of the presentation and/or learning objectives.  You may include other materials, such as a Power Point presentation, but the committee will require an outline above all other materials.  Other course materials are often large files and can sometimes be difficult to share with committee members.


TCCA Policy on "Live Virtual" Education

Instructors MUST be approved for this type of credit (TMCEC trained faculty or facilitators). If you are unsure, contact Pat Riffel, Education Chair, at priffel@friendswood.com. Instructors with qualifications may be approved on an individual basis with submission of a biography and resume. Experience or certification in teaching is required.

It is essential to perfect the application process early which allows the Association time to advertise your training on the TCCA Website giving clerks throughout the state an opportunity to attend chapter training courses.

After you Apply: You will receive a confirmation email of your application being sent.  After review of your application by the Education Committee, you will receive an email confirmation of approval of said education. Once approved, the TCCA Administrative Assistant will create the event for posting to the TCCA Website.  The event draft will be sent to you for review prior to posting. 

ON THE DAY OF TRAINING you must have a sign in sheet for each topic or session to ensure only attendees are given qualified credit. The sign in sheet serves as the tracking source for certificates received. A form will be supplied for your convenience. Immediately following the training, submit a copy of the Sign In Sheets to the Education Chair for permanent records of certificates issued. The sign in sheet must include the location, date, course title and number of hours awarded and signatures of each person that attended the entire session.  The TCCA Administrative Assistant will create and post the certificates to the TCCA Website for you.