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Data Privacy Notice: Per the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, responses submitted by an applicant are private or nonpublic until the responses are opened. Once the responses are opened, the name and address of the applicant and the amount requested is public. All other data in a response is private or nonpublic data until completion of the evaluation process. After the evaluation process is completed, all remaining data in a response will be public data, unless otherwise classified as private or nonpublic.

Application Submission Instructions 

Please refer to the 2022 Capacity Building Program webpage to read  an overview of the 2022 Capacity Building Program Request for Proposals. All of the documents referenced below can also be found there.

There are two steps required for submitting a complete application:


Complete the Applicant and Proposal Information sections that follow and upload the following documents when prompted:


  1. Responses to Application Questions (Name: “Applicant Name_Application”)
  2. Application Signature Page (Name: “Applicant Name_Signature Page”)
  3. Proposal Budget (Name: “Applicant Name_Budget”)
  4. Proposal Work Plan (Name: “Applicant Name_Work Plan”)
  5. If applicable, Secretary of State “Print Out” of Business Record
    (Certificate of Good Standing is not required) 

Please submit the electronic version of these documents. Except for the signature page, do not upload printed and scanned or photographed documents.

Please do not submit other materials that are not requested (letter of support, photos, brochures, etc.). Unrequested materials will not be reviewed.


Financial Information is submitted through a separate website.  Please see 2022 Capacity Building RFP webpage for instructions on how to submit financial information.

Technical Difficulties 

If you have technical difficulties submitting your application, please email as soon as possible and prior to the application deadline. If there is time before the application deadline, we will attempt to help you trouble-shoot during business hours, but cannot guarantee we will be able to resolve the issue prior to the application deadline.

Accommodation Requests  

If you need an accommodation to apply, please contact Alyssa Wetzel-Moore via email at or phone at 651.263.1453. Accommodation requests must be received seven business days prior to the application deadline to allow time to process the request.