Euroheat & Power | Ideas that Move Us Forward

First of all, thank you for your continued support and involvement with the association. With limited to no face-to-face networking for the moment and a while to go before the next big event for our community ( - we’d like to fill the gap and give YOU (our Active and Partner Company Members*) the chance to reach out to the rest of our industry and share the story of how your organisation is making DHC better.

Specifically, we would like to offer you the chance to be featured in a fast-moving webinar of max 30 minutes presentations and 15-30 minutes exchange. Each webinar needs to include useful information on ideas, solutions and technologies that can help our community move DHC performance from good to great.

If you or a colleague is ready to put your company in the spotlight, please fill in this form. We are looking forward to working together to keep everyone in the industry informed, connected and engaged.

This form will allow you to:

a) inform us if you find such initiatives helpful

b) sign up to host a webinar by sharing your webinar idea, contact details etc.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could let us know before 31 August 2020.

We have always believed in the power of relationships and will continue to support our members however we can.

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