Welcome to the FTCE/FELE Application for Committee Participation

Please complete this online application form to be considered for FTCE/FELE test development opportunities.

Application Processing & Selection Process

  • Your completed application will be reviewed by the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson and the Florida Department of Education (the Department) in regard to open committee spaces.

  • If your qualifications match an opening you will be sent an email invitation.

  • If all committees are full, we will keep your application on file for future use.

  • If you are selected to serve and sent an email invitation, your supervisor, indicated in your completed application, will be copied on the invitation.

  • Please inform your supervisor that you have completed an application to serve so that your supervisor is aware of this process.

Demographic Representation

In order to have fair and equal representation, committees are formed based on:

  • professional responsibility (i.e., teacher, district subject area coordinator, university/college faculty member)

  • area of expertise

  • racial and ethnic diversity

  • geographical representation

 To enable the Department to accomplish this goal, you are asked, but not required, to provide this information.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Please be advised that if you are selected to serve and participate in a test development meeting —records collected by the Bureau of Postsecondary Assessment (the Bureau) and its contractor(s) in association with the meeting — may be subject to public records disclosure under Florida Statutes, Chapter 119. The State of Florida has very strong public information laws, and the Bureau may be required to surrender such information as your name, place of work, and contact information if it is requested pursuant to Chapter 119, F.S. You may be entitled to exemption from a records request due to certain previous employment or your relationship with someone currently or formerly in a position that is exempt from public records requests. If you are selected to serve on a committee, you will be provided with additional details regarding requesting an exemption.

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