Thank you for submitting your vacancies for your site to the Alberta Seniors Housing Directory Member Vacancy page!

Please answer the following questions to begin the process. Please fill out this form for each of your individual sites where you have vacancies. The Alberta Seniors and Community Housing Association (ASCHA) will contact you when your information has been posted to the page. Please notify ASCHA at ascha@ascha.com to update your information on the page.

About the Alberta Seniors Housing Directory Member Vacancy page:

ASCHA decided to create this page as a result of the Member Vacancy Discussion Forums held in Summer 2019. This page will be specifically for ASCHA members to list their vacancies so that the public can see where vacancies exist across the province without needing to search through the Directory. The page will have vacancies sorted by location and will link out to your Alberta Seniors Housing Directory listing for that site so that members of the public can seek additional information before calling. Once ASCHA receives several vacancy submissions, the page will be uploaded to the site and the submitters will be notified.