WPC 2019 Volunteer Survey
Welcome to the WPC 2019 Volunteer Survey!

Now that the WPC 2019 is less than 500 days away, we are beginning to prepare our WPC Volunteer Program. We would like to know what your plans are for the WPC 2019 in Kyoto. While it may be far from where you live, Kyoto, Japan is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, as well as clean and safe, so we anticipate a large number of delegates. 


All volunteers will have jobs for half days, a lunch and snacks during the days they work, and then able to attend sessions during their free time. Registration to attend the WPC will be free for volunteers, but other costs, such as hotel and transportation will need to be covered by the individuals. 

This is a SHORT survey to help us gauge interest from potential volunteers. Thank you for the time you take to complete this survey, and we hope to see you in Kyoto!