SHAPE VT  Outstanding Future Professional Award

The Society for health and Physical Educators of Vermont is please to announce our call for nominations for the 2021 SHAPE-VT Outstanding Future Professional. The deadline for this nomination is September 10, 2021.
Outstanding Future Professional is an award that recognizes an outstanding undergraduate student candidates who demonstrate great commitment and promise towards the promotion of service to the health, physical education, and physical activity. The candidate should have a current membership in SHAPE-VT  be enrolled in a Vermont institution of higher education and have a commitment to advocacy. Up to two undergraduate students may be recognized.

 This nominee must be a current member of SHAPE-VT. Award winners are celebrated are honored at our annual conference. (remote this fall)   Award winners will also be eligible take part in the Eastern District's Leadership Development opportunities and the District-wide recognition of our future professionals.  The OFP is strongly encouraged to to attend the October 28-29th 2021  SHAPE VT Conference.
The person completing this nomination form should compose responses to the questions that follow that best highlight the abilities of the nominee. The person completing this nomination need not be a SHAPE-VT member, but should be a faculty member knowledgeable about the candidate's academic ability. Multiple nominations for the same candidate are welcome but are not necessary. 

Award winners
 will be notified by the SHAPE-VT Awards Committee by late September. Our  honors program is organized by the Membership Services Division of SHAPE VT, which is chaired by Lyn Porter, President-Elect.

To begin the nomination process, please continue to the link that follows.