Scholarship for Post-Graduate Studies Application Form

Applications must be submitted by April 1. Applications received after the deadline date and/or not fully completed will not be considered. Please note: you must re-apply every year in order to continue to receive scholarship funds.

Scholarships will be awarded in May 2020 for post-graduate studies undertaken during the following academic year (ending June 30, 2021). Successful applicants will be required to submit proof of tuition payment and receipts for other costs or expenditures (books, travel etc.) in order to access funding.

For the application to be considered, all of the following MUST accompany the application:

  • A statement of acceptance for post-graduate studies
  • A statement of release from the Board
  • A current copy of your Ontario Teaching Certificate
  • Three reference letters
  • Short resume of studies (proposal of studies)

Please read: Post Graduate Scholarships, Procedures 4.33 – 4.36, OECTA Handbook (pages 75 and 76).