#CutTheClutter Public Survey

Welcome to the #CutTheClutter Public Survey!

After extensive consultations with Albertans, seniors housing providers, various seniors-serving organizations/agencies, the Alberta government, Alberta Health Services, and subject-matter experts to simplify the language and alleviate confusion about seniors housing options in Alberta, ASCHA has landed on three distinct categories of seniors housing options to test with the public. These categories are meant as a starting point for conversations about housing options, so that the sector can better respond to inquiries and answer questions about what seniors and their families are ACTUALLY looking for in a seniors housing setting.
The three proposed categories are:
                Seniors Housing – Accommodation only
                Seniors Housing with Service Options
                Seniors Housing with Service Options and Health Supports
We know that various types of living environments may fall under these categories, but it is important to know if seniors are looking for just accommodation, accommodation with some services (housekeeping, meals, etc.) or if they are in need of accommodation with services and health supports. The way options are labelled by the sector (independent living, supportive living, designated supportive living, assisted living, lodge) are less important than defining what housing and supports a person expects.

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