Research Brief & Poster Submission Application

Research Brief & Poster Submission Application

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The call for abstracts offers researchers, scientists, clinicians and students the opportunity to showcase the latest research in nutrition science in two formats, oral presentations and scientific posters.  All submissions should be geared towards professionals in the field of nutrition science. Submissions do not need to be specific to this year's conference theme and can cover any nutrition science topic. Proposals will be reviewed for scientific content, objectivity and relevance of subject matter. The decision to accept or reject an abstract rests with the conference program organizers. The submission deadline is August 31, 2018.

Oral Research Brief PresentationsNew this year! Accepted oral research briefs will now be incorporated into the conference agenda. One oral research brief will be accepted to present per conference Session:

  • Session I: NutriGenomic Science Personalized – taking place Wed. Nov. 7
  • Session II: Metabolic Adaptability Personalized – taking place Thur. Nov. 8
  • Session III: Longevity Personalized– taking place Thur. Nov. 8
  • Session IV: Neurocognition Personalized – taking place Fri. Nov. 9
  • Session V: Gut-Immune Axis Personalized– taking place Fri. Nov. 9

Each accepted oral research briefs will be allotted 10 minutes. Due to the very limited number of slots for oral presentations (5 total slots), please indicate on your submission if you are willing to be considered for a poster presentation as an alternative. These oral presentations will not be eligible for CME credit. 

Poster Presentations do not have a formal presentation time and are viewed during designated break and lunch times. Posters will be displayed for the duration of the conference Wednesday through Friday. Lunches and breaks will be the high flow times and we ask all poster presenters to be available for discussion during these times. Accepted posters will be automatically entered into the poster competition that will take place at the conference.

For Questions Contact:

Meredith Twohy, Conferences and Events Manager


Phone: 858-768-2455

Please review the submission FAQs prior to submitting a proposal so you are fully aware of the benefits, compensation, requirements, and other aspects of oral and poster presenting. All abstracts must be submitted online. Faxed, emailed, or mailed abstracts are not acceptable.