2016 Loyalty Landscape 

Welcome to Loyalty Landscape: The State of the Industry Survey

by Loyalty360 


Customer loyalty is in the midst of a reinvention, spurred by the promise of new technologies, customer data, and measurability. The Loyalty Landscape report will bring clarity to the current and future states of customer loyalty. Building on the insights revealed in previous reports, the 2019 report will include benchmarking metrics and longitudinal findings. 


By participating in this research, you'll gain the benchmarks and insights that loyalty professionals tell us they are clamoring for!


Brand/Marketer survey respondents will receive a free summary of the Loyalty Landscape report. The information you share will be kept confidential. This year's Loyalty Landscape will be our most comprehensive to date, thanks to the feedback from our growing community of Loyalty360 members. 

The report will bring clarity to the current and future states of customer loyalty and customer experience through a collection of metrics and data points focused on brands’ loyalty programs and strategies, roadmaps and goals, employee engagement efforts, partners, data management, personalization and more. Customer loyalty is not just the program.

We are looking for responses from brands, not from vendors or consultants in the field and therefore will not be included.

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Loyalty360 is an independent, professional association for customer loyalty.  
This study is not being commissioned by any other firms and your specific responses will not be shared with  
anyone outside of Loyalty360.

Loyalty360 does not disclose the responses/results for any of the individual survey responses, they will only be used in aggregate in a non-identifiable and consolidated manner in the larger industry benchmarking report, like other reports commissioned by Loyatly360, providing confidentiality to the brand.

We are looking for responses from practitioners, not from vendors and consultants in the field.  
Vendors and consultants who are not Loyalty360 members are not eligible to receive a free summary of the report.  

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