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Welcome to the Veterans Treatment Court Planning Initiative!

Justice For Vets provides comprehensive implementation training for courts not yet operating, teams that may have had significant staff changes or teams that have never attended an implementation training before. To apply for the Veterans Treatment Court Planning Initiative (VTCPI) training program, please complete this application form in its entirety.

The application will auto-save your responses for the page that you're currently working on and have completed. Be sure to complete a page in it's entirety, click next to advance to the next page, and then exit the survey. When you return to the application link, provide the same name and email address that you originally used and the application will pick back up where you left off. You can download a PDF version of the application to utilize as a worksheet to prepare your application - VTCPI Application Worksheet (2019-2020). Your final application must be entered and submitted through this online application.

Emailed, mailed and faxed applications will not be accepted. 

For questions, please contact David Pelletier at