Welcome to the WPC 2022 Ambassador Application!


The WPC serves multiple constituencies: people with Parkinson’s, care partners & family members, neuroscientists, neurologists, clinical researchers, social workers, nurse, rehabilitation specialists and others. 

WPC Ambassadors are individuals living with Parkinson’s disease from around the world who have attended a past WPC. We are looking for up to 15 Ambassadors to work with us as we plan for the 6th World Parkinson Congress (WPC 2022) to take place in Barcelona, Spain from June 7-10, 2022. The role requires personal knowledge of the WPC and the WPC experience. It will require regular conference calls, possibly travel, and possibly speaking to groups about the WPC and why they should attend.

We encourage all people with Parkinson's to apply. We recognize the different limitations of Parkinson's, so travel is optional, but what is required is a passion for the WPC, a deep understanding of the WPC, and a desire to see the WPC 2022 bring the community together in a positive and impactful way. 

Thank you for your consideration.