Pennsylvania Assessment Committee Application 2.0

Pennsylvania Assessment Committee Application 2.0

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) conducts various meetings in support of the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA), the Keystone Exams, and the Classroom Diagnostic Tool (CDT).  The attendees for these meetings are Pennsylvania educators.  Pennsylvania educators have been involved in the development of the PSSAs, Keystone Exams and CDT since their inception.  PDE relies on educators to review items for alignment with the assessment anchor content standards, level of difficulty, bias, clarity, grade appropriateness, and a host of other indicators.  

 If you are interested in serving on a committee you must submit an application.  

Once you have completed the application process, your application will be forwarded to your district superintendent for approval prior to being submitted to PDE for final review. 
PDE selects committee members by reviewing the applications of all district approved candidates, with the goal of establishing committees composed of a representative sample of educators from across the state.  If you are selected to serve on a committee, you will receive separate correspondence from DRC. 
Should you receive a meeting invitation, you can still accept or decline the meeting invitation based on your availability. 

Meetings can last from one to five days and committee members must be available for the entire duration of a meeting.  Serving on a committee is a serious commitment which will require full participation throughout the meeting days.  Most meetings are held in the Harrisburg area.  Educators traveling 50+ miles to attend will be offered overnight accommodations.  While PDE pays for expenses at the meetings (lodging/meals/mileage), the Department does not pay stipends or substitute costs for committee meetings. 

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