The purpose of this link is for nurse practitioners to evaluate the 16 hour MAT waiver training following their completion of Counseling, and Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder (OUDEP 2) and Collaborative Care Approaches for Management of Opioid Use Disorder (OUDEP 3) through Harvard Medical School.

Note: You must upload your certificates of completion for the entire course (listing eight (8) credits per course) within the PCSS evaluation. Please do NOT upload certificates of completion for individual units within a course. For questions relating to the CME certificates that you received upon completion of OUDEP 2 and OUDEP 3, please contact cme_online@hms.harvard.edu.

Upon completion of the evaluation, PCSS will review the submitted certificates for OUDEP 2 and OUDEP 3 and email a certificate of completion for the 16 hour MAT waiver training along with instructions to obtain a waiver.