February 24, 2022
By Max Wood

Cvent’s Customer Success Series continues in full swing in 2022! We’ve just wrapped up a conversation with McNeel Keenan, our VP of Product Management, and Felicia Asiedu, our Senior Manager, Europe Marketing, now available on-demand. We covered a range of topics, including how Cvent adapted our own event plans during the pandemic, how Attendee Hub grew during the same period, and what new products and updates we have coming up.


How Cvent pivoted during the pandemic

Cvent is our own number 1 customer, and, as it did for everyone else, the pandemic caused chaos for our event plans. Pre-pandemic, a large portion of our business was in-person, so we faced a need to adapt our offerings, as well as pivot our own hosted events and events we planned to attend.

Felicia shares how, with events bringing a reliable portion of our new business, we took a more content-led approach to get people’s attention and find a new way to reach them.

Meanwhile, McNeel shares insight into how we developed our product offerings in light of the new events landscape. “We changed our plan of attack on an almost daily basis, moving from 20, to 40, to 60, to 150 people working on a solution”. We focused strongly on engagement, and spent months carefully planning how engagement could flourish, and be measured, in a virtual space.

Where we are now

Naturally, we’re all keen to meet in-person, so we discussed our transition back to hybrid –finally taking the opportunity to share physical space but with all the advantages of a virtual component.

As we’ve been able to re-introduce some of what we all love about events, Felicia explains why we’re sharing our love stories – the things we and our customers love about our industry (and we’d love to hear yours!)

We also explore how our products have evolved over the past two years. We developed the new Cvent experience, unifying all our products under one banner in a modern, intuitive package. McNeel shared how Attendee Hub grew over the pandemic into the multi-faceted virtual platform it is today, as well as some insight into the development of Cvent Studio, our tailored tool for creating and sharing broadcast-quality audio and video, on display in this very event!

Where we’re going

Prodyc roadmap preview

Never ones to rest on our laurels, we also explore some of the upcoming products and updates we have in store. McNeel offers a sneak peek into:

  • Studio Presenter Integration: An updated interface for your presenters, enabling them to better engage with attendees mid-presentation
  • Event Experience Stages: A method to group multiple elements of an event in Attendee Hub, much like an event track, for a more fluid experience
  • Embedded Collaborative Sessions: Some additional features to your collaborative sessions, for a more integrated experience with additional engagement options

Plus additions to discussions, profiles, event sites, branding options, on-demand video and much more on its way in the coming months!

Coming up next: Cvent Customer Panel

The next event in the 2022 Customer Success Series will be virtual again, this time a customer panel featuring event planners from AMD, Schroders and the University of Greenwich on Wednesday 2nd March.

They’ll be sharing best practices around using Cvent products to deliver events across a range of formats, audiences and industries. We hope to see you there!

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