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About the Company

InterContinental Berlin is part of the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), home to the world's most prestigious and well-known hotel brands, covering everything from international luxury to local comforts. With 550 rooms and 46 meeting spaces, InterContinental Berlin is the perfect venue for hosting any type of corporate meetingand events. The hotel has all kinds of facilities and spaces to accommodate association meetings, product launches, auto shows etc.

Product Used:

MICE Marketing Solutions Cvent Passkey

"Cvent definitely helped us to fill in not only the gaps, but also maximise our group bookings and MICE strategy. We were able to play the MICE Tetris game where we could fill need dates and find more business as we are highly visiblealongside our competitors on the Cvent platforms"

Maria Hoffmeister,

Area Director of Sales and Marketing, InterContinental Berlin


in upsell revenue using
Cvent Passkey


Increase in RFPs received though


increase in Unique Planner
organisations reached

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Room block challenges

With their position in Berlin - one of the most competitive MICE markets in Europe -InterContinetal Berlin were finding room block management was becoming a challenge.

If there was an event around the corner, InterContinental Berlin found themselves struggling with a mountain of emails and a ton of calls from clients and/or attendees for room bookings. This led to lots of frustration within the team. They knew it consumed a lot of time of the planner as well.As time went by, these problems just escalated. Eventually, they came to the realisation that technology could help change the way they work and improve things. That's when they learnt about Cvent's solutions.

Passkey to the rescue

With the specific goal of optimising their marketing strategy and room block management processes InterContinental Berlin approached Cvent. They started testing Cvent Passkey during one of their busier seasons (when they usually had a lot of events). After finding out how much money and time they were saving with the tool, they decided to fully implement Cvent Passkey. They also got the opportunity to be more visible within the Cvent Supplier Network. InterContinental Berlin had a lot of repeat clients who they knew were likely to recommend them to others. And Cvent was the channel where such conversations came together, because of its natureasa prominent sourcing tool for hotels.

Looking ahead

Working with Cvent feels like a unique partnership, where both parties are looking out for each other. Which is why, they plan to continue to incorporate Cvent in their strategy for the next five years. They now want to try to obtain more newer clients and try out different things, and with Cvent, they're confident they'll easily be on the radar of new and interesting companies. Their advice to other hotels who are still considering using Cvent's solutions is to just go ahead and "start working with Cvent", because it's guaranteed to be a reciprocated partnership that'll have professionals on both sides.