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Event planning software that handles everything

all in one place

No matter what stage of the event process you’re in, we offer a complete set of tools that’s flexible enough to work with your event program. From small meetings, large conferences or internal meetings, we’ve got you covered.


Manage meeting requests, find the perfect venue, and activate your event data to drive immediate impact.

  • Requests & Approvals
  • Event Budgeting
  • Stakeholder Reporting
  • Venue Sourcing


Automate tasks and campaigns, build awareness, and promote your brand, all from one centralised place.

  • Registration
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Websites
  • Automated Campaigns


Spark conversations, network, and create 1:1 appointments to extend engagement before, during, and after your event.

  • Mobile App 

  • Lead Capture 

  • Onsite Solutions 

  • Appointment Scheduling 


Make better business decisions and prove event ROI with real-time data and analytics.   

  • App Marketplace

  • CRM Integration

  • Session Feedback 

  • Engagement Scoring 

Built for any event, any size


Virtual Events 
Create an engaging and interactive online experience. 
In-Person Events 
Safe and impactful events, of any size. 
Hybrid Events 
All the tools you need to create one event, two experiences.

Hear what our customers have to say


Creating community impact through vaccine rollout with Cvent Appointments. 

  • 120,000 vaccines administered 

  • +1,100% clinics enabled 

  • 470,000 registrations managed 

Orange Business Services

OBS introduced digital elements to their in-person event, improving their own data and the attendee experience

  • 76% app adoption 

  • Quicker check-in 

  • Improved data gathering and reporting 

Mosaic Events

Mosaic arrived early at the hybrid model, taking a client’s large-scale, content-driven conference hybrid in 2021

  • 76% attendance 

  • 136 sessions 

  • events in 2021

Integrate with the systems you already have

With Cvent Integrations™ you can create seamless flows of data between any of your SaaS solutions and Cvent.


Minimise time-to-action on event leads and build better customer profiles


Wow your members with dynamic events and synchronised profiles


Simplify and automate your event payments for better budgeting


Make booking housing and flights a cohesive part of your attendee management experience


Make your online meetings and seminars more successful


Turn qualified leads into qualified and engaging meetings


Analyse web data to make smarter decisions