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CSN Overview

Cvent Hospitality Cloud is proud to announce the most significant update to the Cvent Supplier Network since it was introduced eight years ago. We have been diligently working on this complete rethink and rebuild of the network for over a year and this has been the biggest investment we've made to the platform. Planners who have fallen in love with the in-depth, MICE-specific hotel content and advanced functionality will love the simplicity we've layered on top of our sourcing technology.

But we didn't do this just for planners. We've ensured that every change we made also benefits our partners. You'll soon see gorgeous new profiles with bigger images and more options to showcase your profile. We'll also be introducing new ways to market to planners that take advantages of the new features we're adding. We are committed to helping you target more qualified business, and this redesign is going to help get us there.

Overall Benefits of the
Cvent Supplier Network Redesign

This redesign is going to benefit the Supplier Network ecosystem in a number of ways:

overall increased traffic

Overall increased traffic

Thanks to our focus on SEO best practices, we've ensured that search engines like Google will easily find the Cvent Supplier Network, increasing our organic planner reach.

expected higher conversions

Expected higher conversions

With our energy on simplifying the search process and serving more content that planners want from venues and destinations upfront, the number of planners sending RFPs is projected to increase.

Better qualified leads for hotels

Better qualified leads

Our new search functionality can now match planners who have specific needs with venues that meet them based on new search criteria, like need dates.

Greater planner mix

Greater planner mix

Our designs were developed to drive more occasional, SMERF, and international planners to complement our strong corporate, association, and TPP presence.

New Features From this Redesign

Updated venue profiles

Updated profiles

You will be able to have bigger images and an improved gallery navigation to show off the beauty of your venue or destination to planners.

New search criteria options

New search criteria options

Suppliers can ensure they reach planners whose needs match their hotel by inputting new meta search data like need dates.

New content options

New content options

Planners continue to request larger floor plans and menus from venues, so we're adding those to profile.

Map-based research

Map-based research

Venues can now appear on map search alongside the points of interests (landmarks, retails, restaurants) that really help them standout to planners.



We are integrating the Promotions Hub even more with targeted promotions to planners looking for event dates that match with your deals.

New Profile Redesign Highlights

  • Complete redesign of page
  • More focus on key content: menus, images, floorplans
  • A design focused more on images
  • Single-page design that organizes all data in one place
  • Future-ready so it remains adaptable to upcoming media
new pro

New Planner Features that
Benefit You Too

Simplified search

Now planners can search based on neighborhoods, places of interest, zip codes, and a myriad of other ways from a single search bar.

Map-based search

Planners can now search geographically through the use of our new map search powered by Google.

Mobile enhanced

The Cvent Supplier Network now works across all devices to keep pace with planners' move to mobility for search.

Date handling for deeper searches

Now planners can input their event dates and number of attendees into the search, enabling us to serve more specific matches and relevant promotions.

Shopping cart functionality

Now planners can search the Supplier Network like an e-commerce platform with a shopping cart that persists across their search. That allows us to provide planners with recommendations based on which venues or CVB's they already have in their cart, further customising their experience and helping you receive qualified leads.

Quick view functionality

For faster searches, planners now have the option to use Quick View on the search results, which gives them an overview of the venue or destination without clicking into a profile.


We are integrating the Promotions Hub even more with targeted promotions to planners looking for event dates that match deals you have available.

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