Planner Segments

Our sourcing platforms connect venues and destinations with over 75,000 event managers across all market segments, forming one of the most valuable MICE business networks in the world.


Corporate planners leverage Cvent’s sourcing platforms to find venues for all types of business events, and conversely, the channels help venues connect with the full spectrum of corporate event planners. From Executive Assistants planning lunches or shareholder meetings to Events Directors organising large multi-day user conferences, Cvent offers hoteliers continuous exposure to this key MICE business market segment.

Third Party

Professional third party planners live for crafting the perfect, unique event for their clients. Since that starts with an amazing venue, Third Party Planners rely on Cvent’s sourcing platforms to develop and deepen relationships with venues like yours to deliver events of all sizes and shapes for their clients, from exclusive charity galas to professional networking dinners and everything in between.


Enterprise planners host large, multi-faceted events with more involved requirements due to their complexity. The Cvent platform’s scalability combined with comprehensive listings of venues with large, flexible meeting spaces make it a go-to resource for Enterprise planners to connect with hoteliers with enterprise-level capabilities for expositions, symposia, trade shows, and conferences.


Association planners use Cvent’s sourcing platforms to find venues for conventions, council meetings, awards ceremonies, banquets, and other association events. Opportunities with these planners can yield long-term rewards - many hoteliers see consistent and reliable repeat Association business, and Cvent’s channels help you develop and maintain those relationships.

Social, Military, Education, Religious, and Fraternal (SMERF)

Social, Military, Education, Religious, and Fraternal groups represent a vital market for many destinations and hotels, and Cvent’s sourcing channels are a top choice among these planners to find great venues to host their events. From straightforward social meetings to more elaborate, high-end conventions, these groups are another captive audience within reach on Cvent’s sourcing platforms.



Cvent Supplier Network

The Cvent Supplier Network is the largest MICE business-specific network in the world with 75K+ active planner users. It connects venues and destinations with corporate planners across all market segments, while also leveraging the power of its strong user base of third party planners.


Lanyon Group

Lanyon Group by Cvent offers a valuable way for suppliers to win MICE business from the world’s premier planner organisations and Fortune 100 companies. Lanyon Group by Cvent delivers high-quality MICE RFPs to win hotels and destinations more MICE business.

SEE THE PLANNER EXPERIENCE connects upscale and luxury properties with planners searching for exclusive properties to host their events. Properties featured on are awarded either the Elite Gold or Elite Platinum certification, offering meeting planners a prequalified source for the finest meeting venues available across the globe.


The SpeedRFP Network is a portal for hotels and event venues actively seeking MICE business from occasional social planners. The SpeedRFP Network’s advanced search capabilities give planners the functionality to easily find the perfect venue for each event, so you can fill your calendar with social meetings, weddings and other SMERF events.


Ad Formats & Opportunities

Our MICE sourcing platforms provide great opportunities to promote your venue or destination through various ad formats.

Digital Display Marketing

Cvent Hospitality Cloud offers a full suite of Digital Display Marketing solutions that’ll keep you on top of the minds of several hundred-thousand planners that use Cvent’s digital channels. The broad reach of our sourcing platforms allows you to build a robust package of advertising options to engage planners with your brand and generate demand through one or multiple channels.

Digital Display Marketing solutions include:

  • Search screen sponsorship for prominent exposure across every planner search
  • Search results advertisements to keep brand presence while planners browse venues
  • Enhanced search listings to ensure your venue appears at the top of search results
  • Upgraded venue profile features to better showcase your venue’s features
  • Blog and Newsletter sponsorship to maintain planner mindshare alongside thought leadership content

Digital Targeting Capabilities

Sophisticated targeting functionality to market your property to the right audience at the right time, on our platforms and beyond.



Generate more qualified MICE business leads and gain share from competitors with these targeted ad placements. Showcase your venue or brand against competitive venues and competitive markets with:

  • “Suggested Ads” - shown to planners actively browsing and selecting venues like yours, with even more granular subtargeting for need dates, or specific competitive venues or markets
  • “Competitive Market Ads” - appear within search results of targeted competitive markets where you’re trying to increase market share.


The planner sourcing journey extends beyond Cvent as planners continue their research across the Web, so we extend your message’s reach with robust capabilities to serve your ads even after qualified planners visit our sourcing platforms.

Video Retargeting - leverages the experiential value of video marketing to connect with the modern planner. When planners visit YouTube or other video-enabled Google Display Network sites after visiting our sourcing platforms, your video content appears first, along with a companion banner and call-to-action to drive the visitor to your website.

Event Marketing

Event marketing presents an unparalleled opportunity to interact directly with the market. As the leader in event technology, Cvent understands the power of face-to-face interaction and hosts two unique events to connect venues and destinations with highly qualified planners.

Cvent CONNECT Tradeshow

Cvent CONNECT is the premier conference for Event and Hospitality industry professionals, and the Cvent CONNECT Tradeshow brings these two audiences together in an engaging exhibit setting. Suppliers showcase their venues and destinations to a captive audience of 2,000+ highly qualified planners with a 5:1 planner to supplier ratio to yield a year’s worth of MICE leads in a single day.

Cvent Meetings Magazine

With a distribution of 70,000 print copies, Cvent Meetings Magazine is the industry’s only magazine focused exclusively on top hotels and resorts for MICE groups, making it a key reference resource for venue searching.

Marketing Goals

Whether your focus is brand awareness, retention and upsell, or revenue growth, Hospitality Cloud Group Marketing Solutions help accomplish your marketing goals.

Brand Awareness

Cvent Hospitality Cloud Group Marketing Solutions deliver on the most basic but essential aspect of MICE business marketing – raising awareness for your brand. We give you the tools that make it easy for highly qualified planner audiences to discover your brand across a full spectrum of sourcing platforms and channels.

Retention and Upsell

Retention is an often overlooked but critical marketing objective, especially considering the cost of sale for repeat customers is drastically less than new customer acquisition. So make the most of existing customers by deepening relationships using Cvent’s platforms to retain their business, then leverage tools like Cvent Passkey to upsell new services and grow the business.

Revenue Growth

Cvent Hospitality Cloud delivers opportunities to connect with qualified planner leads and drive revenue growth. Whether you’re looking to open a new property, meet higher quota numbers, break through a sales plateau, or take market share from competitors, Cvent gives you the tools to boost sales conversions and drive revenue growth.

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