Employee Satisfaction Surveys - Get Valuable Feedback and Insights

Cvent Web Surveys offers a complete Employee Satisfaction Survey and Feedback solution allowing organisations to keep a pulse on employee satisfaction, engagement and loyalty with a streamlined process.

Satisfied employees are key to keeping satisfied and loyal customers, so it's critical to proactively request feedback and understand what truly motivates your staff. By opening up feedback channels, HR professionals can make informed decisions that will allow for increased productivity, job satisfaction, and loyalty by targeting areas of concern.

Cvent's Employee Feedback solutions enable HR teams to create regular pulse checks and ad-hoc surveys to capture employee attitudes, helping organisations identify key drivers of employee motivation and engagement. Other benefits of employee feedback programmes include productivity increases, top-talent retention and overall process improvement.

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Employee Satisfaction

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Survey Software Functions

Key Employee Focused Functionality Includes:

  • Anonymous employee surveys to encourage honest responses
  • Advanced logic guides employees down the proper path of surveys
  • Text analysis helps you understand and categorise comments
  • Mobile-friendly employee surveys provide employees various feedback channels
  • Dynamic and instant access to data allows you to deliver metrics that link employee satisfaction and business performance

Benefits of Employee Feedback:

  • Gather key employee feedback
  • Attain answers to your most important questions
  • Gain insights on what drives employee satisfaction, loyalty and engagement
  • Develop and maintain strong employee relationships
  • Leverage findings to drive future strategy and action plans

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