The Event Industry Stands Together in 2020 – Are Policymakers Responding?

Events industry associations have worked tirelessly to lobby and inform government policy with data and information to ensure the survival of the ‘organised gatherings’ supply-chain. In the UK, they’ve largely been ignored by Westminster, and across mainland Europe, it appears the opportunity for events don't seem likely for the remainder of the year. So where does this leave us for the immediate future? We invite three-event industry associations into the last chance saloon to find out.

Cvent CONNECT Europe Virtual

Audience: Marketing Professional (Non-Hospitality), Event Professional
Track: industry Trends


ccv speaker chris skeith

Chris Skeith - Speaker(s)
Chief Executive Officer

ccv speaker Cecilia Lavin

Cecilia Lavin - Speaker(s)
President, ILEA UK

ccv speaker Jamie Vaughan

Jamie Vaughan - Speaker(s)
Vice President of European Sales

ccv speaker Julian Agostini

Julian Agostini - Speaker(s)
Founder and MD
Mash Media

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