Inclusivity in 2020 – Are our Actions Matching our Words?

Are we living in a world where we say ‘we are inclusive’ for the sake of being inclusive? We live in a society where the word ‘inclusive’ has become more important than ever, but do we actually understand what this means and do we really understand the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce? Join Fay Sharpe, as she presents the benefits of inclusivity to both those who are asking to be included and those that are unsure about what the benefits are to an organisation. We know words are worth much more with actions, therefore, we want to ensure you are fully equipped after this session with the exact meaning and benefits of inclusivity, so that when you say ‘we are inclusive’ you have the right actions in place to show it.

Cvent CONNECT Europe Virtual

Audience: Event Professional, Hospitality Professional
Track: industry Trends


ccv speaker Fay Sharpe

Fay Sharpe - Speaker(s)

ccv speaker Gabrielle Austen Browne

Gabrielle Austen-Browne - Speaker(s)
Diversity Ally

ccv speaker Martin Fullard

Martin Fullard - Speaker(s)
Editorial Director
Mash Media

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