In-Person and Online: How to Plan for and Manage Your Hybrid Events

Due to the realities of continued health and safety concerns, travel restrictions, and corporate travel budgets, most event professionals agree that hybrid events will play a critical role in 2021 event programs. So how do you actually create a singular event with two distinct experiences - both virtual and in-person? This session will look at how to design an event that brings these two experiences together through content, community, and technology.

Cvent CONNECT Europe Virtual

Audience: Marketing Professional (Non-Hospitality), Event Professional
Track: Hybrid Events


Paul Hutton | Cvent Speaker | Cvent Connect Europe Virtual

Paul Hutton
President Europe
Entertainment Technology Partners

Emre Yenier | Cvent Speaker | Cvent Connect Europe Virtual

Emre Yenier
Director, Professional Services

Shaun Simon | Cvent Speaker | Cvent Connect Europe Virtual

Shaun Simon
Director of Professional Services


Felicia Asiedu
Manager, Event Cloud Marketing, Europe

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