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CTD is also well know as trip director, TD, or on-site meeting manager, this pivotal position not only goes by various names but also can encompass various responsibilities. For a smaller program, such as a dinner meeting, just one travel director might be on site to serve as host. For a larger event, a range of travel directors — from the lead TD, with responsibility for the overall program, to specialists in various areas such as food and beverage, hospitality, or housing — might be there to run the show, that`s why CTD was created for. So what is the difference between a travel director and a meeting planner? At meeting, event, and travel management company there is a clear differentiation. The meeting planner or project manager has responsibility for planning everything until the point of operation. CTD comes in at the point of operation and is responsible for executing those plans. Regardless of title, the most important factor when hiring CTD is to ensure that the person doing the hiring and the person being hired have the same understanding of the scope of the assignment. It's different for each program. You might need someone who speaks a foreign language to run tours in a foreign country, someone to operate a registration area, someone to handle food and beverage, and so on. What is the same for any program is that CTD becomes “the face of the company,”. Because the TD is the person with whom attendees will interact, it's key that this person be enthusiastic and service-oriented and also has experience managing teams, computer skills, and financial savvy. CTD is focus on implementing programs, which can be a different skill set from that of a meeting planner. Also CTD offers the best connections in the area to help the customer to save money avoiding expensive third parties.

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