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Gyeongsangnamdo General Tourist Information Desk is a representing tourism information desk of Gyeongnam to provide tourism information about 18 cities and counties in Gyeongnam area. Modern society, where information on internet controls the world and all activities for spare time, is related to tourism as well as tourist information desks which cannot be places to provide only simple information. So, to deal with this fast-paced trend, Therefore to deal with the trend, it seems that we need to prepare to provide better and faster tourism services. With these matters, reputation and role of tourist desk is very important, especially for those big international events in the future, the role of tourist information desk related to foreign tourists' conveniencies is more important than ever before. So, Gyeongnam General Tourist Information Desk is preparing to handle with desire of tourists, with more precise and better travel, to earn a reputation of tourism Gyeongnam service, do its best to be a model. We hope that you have a memorable and comfortable travel with Gyeongnam General Tourist Information Desk and your interest, inquiries and encouragement will be our pleasure.

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  • Gimhae International Airport

    34 km from City Center



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