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Why Choose Our Destination?

Saxony's castles, fortresses and stately homes bear witness to the rich history of the Free State. They offer an architectural cross section of many different epochs. Saxony is Germany’s no. 1 cultural destination for international visitors. This comes as no surprise, for Saxony offers an unparalleled breadth and variety of cultural offerings. Splendid architecture, world-class museums, and an unbelievable musical landscape attract people from all over the world. They also come to witness the famous Saxon craftsmanship and shop for the luxury goods created by the Saxon porcelain painters, watchmakers or woodcarvers. Saxon traditions add color to their travel experience while the joyous lifestyle of the Saxons makes visitors feel at home instantaneously. All this is embedded in beautiful landscapes either created by nature or by mankind in 1,100 years of Saxon history.

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Distance from airport

  • Dresden Airport

    10 km from city center

  • Goehlis Airport

    48 km from city center



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