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Why Choose Our Destination?

¿Why organize congresses and conventions in Colombia? Colombia offers a wide variety of destinations, climates, and scenarios that will turn any event into a unique and purposeful experience. This classification cataloged as the most important of the tourism of meetings of the world (Meetings industry); It is based on the number of international congresses that take place in the countries during each year. • Our country has climbed three positions, entering the Top 30 of the best destinations for this type of activities. • We have six cities in the ICCA Ranking • We are the third country in Latin America in this prestigious list. Geographic Location and various climates: Due to its geographical location, Colombia presents a great variety of temperatures and climates to choose from, throughout the year. This is because the country is located in the equatorial zone, so the hours at which the sun rises or the night does not change, and the seasons are not experienced as in most countries of the world. There are only dry seasons (from December to January and from July to August) and rainy seasons (from April to May and from October to November). • Warm climates: These are areas where the heat exceeds 24 ° C; cities like Barranquilla, Cartagena, San Andrés or Santa Marta. • Temperate climates: In these areas, the temperature ranges between 17 ° C and 24 ° C, as in Medellín and Bucaramanga. • Cold climates: The temperature ranges between 12 ° C and 17 ° C. This is the case in Bogotá or the Boyacá region. Infrastructure and Connectivity: An infrastructure developed to host high-level events is the main component of our offer for congresses and conventions to be successful in the country. Thus, Colombia has an infrastructure that meets international standards to host events in hotels, convention centers, and non-traditional locations; Good air connections with international destinations and a land full of charm and helpful people are a guarantee that great events are in good hands in Colombia. The Professionalism: Colombia has stood out in recent years as an important destination in the organization of world-class congresses and conventions. That is why in the country there are more and more professionals with CMP or SIS certifications, which are ready to organize memorable events. Specialized Help: The support provided by the convention bureaus of the main cities of the country is essential for any type of congress and convention to be a success. We are aware of the details and have advanced technology to make your meeting unforgettable and full of unforgettable moments, amazing landscapes to feel the rhythm of Colombia.

Distance from airport

  • El Dorado Airport

    8.7 mi. from city center

Local Attractions


The Jorge Delgado Sierra Park of the Arts, is one of the most valued buildings in the municipality, since it is an epicenter of art and culture thanks to its tribute to the stone carvers and its attribute to water, a fundamental element in the lives of the settlers. . On the tour you can see 22 sculptures carved in stone and the half cake built in stone with capacity for at least 200 people, in this scenario you can carry out events.
Cra. 11 #86, Barichara, Santander, Colom


This great project surrounded by nature and an infrastructure according to the ecological environment of the place, has as its main attraction El Santísimo, a large artistic sculpture, a 37-meter-high monument (including its pedestal) and behind it, a structure triptych with two panoramic elevators that in their journey reach a height of 40 meters. There you have access to the main viewpoint, from where you can contemplate the best panoramic view to enjoy a complete view of the four municipalities that make up the Metropolitan Area: Girón, Piedecuesta, Floridablanca and Bucaramanga. This sculpture was designed by the Santander master Juan José Cobos Roa.
Hacienda La Esperanza km1 Vereda Casiano


Located two blocks from the Basilica Menor San Juan De Girón on Calle 30 with Carrera 28, its style is very romantic and its lighting which makes this park also called the park of lovers, the first farmhouse was built there and the humilladero or Nazarene chapel. In the 90s it was intervened to beautify it with Barichara stone and with a stone remnant floor, it is currently in good condition and its colonial style has been preserved over time, making the tours of this sector almost like traveling in time the facades of their houses are a piece of culture that still Survive in time.
Cra. 28, El Llanito, Girón, Santander, C


Convention center
The Movistar Arena is the best experience center and multipurpose stage in the country. It is located in the heart of Bogota, with multiple access roads and public transportation. Inside, it has bars, restaurants and experience centers to enjoy from 4 hours before the events start.
Dg. 61c #26-36, Teusaquillo, Bogotá


The Cultural Center of the East is one of the most important heritage monuments in the region. Currently, it provides valuable cultural services to the community. Which promotes and encourages spaces for exhibitions, events, cultural, tourist, academic, technological, social and business programs, within the framework of a comprehensive experience that incorporates the provision of services at a regional, national and international level.
Carrera 19 # 31-65, Bucaramanga, Santand


Maloka is an interactive museum of science, technology and innovation that fosters the passion for learning. This entity seeks to enrich citizen culture and contribute to sustainable development through interactive and digital spaces.
Cra 68D No 24A - 51 Bogotá, Colombia


A park dedicated to water is called upon to fulfill an educational task of great importance. Water is present in all human activities: we depend on it for our subsistence, but it also produces energy, it is used for many sports and recreational activities, it is vital for the maintenance of ecosystems and essential in the landscape aspect, touching the most sensitive veins of the human being such as the aesthetic, poetic and romantic aspects. Since then, THE BUCARAMANGA WATER PARK has been preserved, conserved and improved, for the enjoyment of all its inhabitants and the numerous national and international tourists who visit it.
Cl. 32 #30a-51, Bucaramanga, Santander.


The National Museum, created in 1823, is one of the oldest venues in the Americas. A great opportunity to turn corporate events into a first-class cultural landmark: access to collections, private guided tours, launches, cocktail parties, or gala dinners. The museum has 6 spaces-rooms designed to provide first-class experiences.
Carrera 7 N. 28-66 Bogotá, Colombia


Additional Information

1. As of December 2022, 29 airlines in operation connect 11 destinations in Colombia with 26 countries around the world and 45 international cities; reaching more than 1,300 weekly frequencies to Colombia and more than 234,000 weekly seats. 2. As of December 2022, Colombia has achieved a 123.3% reactivation in seats and 115.3% in weekly frequencies that it had in February 2020, prior to the pandemic. 3. During 2022, 33 air routes began operating, 7 of which started in the month of December. • Arajet: Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo - Medellin and Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo - Bogota. • Avianca: United States - Miami - Pereira, Miami - Bucaramanga, New York - Pereira and Miami - Santa Marta. 4. Finally, during 2022 there was a 2.8% increase in frequencies and 10.3% increase in seats offered compared to 2019. Compared to 2021, an increase of 85.3% in frequencies and 83.5% in seats was achieved.

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