Conseil Regional du Tourisme de Casablanca

60 bis, Avenue Hassan II

Why Choose Our Destination?

Casablanca fascinates the visitor by its richness and its culture. Its wide avenues and its sea coast like river, the architecture, art deco and moorish at the same time hide treasures, cupolas, view-points, columns and mosques. It is a decoration of the Mediterranean over the Atlantic littoral. The city has number of restaurant, hotels, swimming pools and dance halls. And the cinemas complexes follow one another until the great fine sand beach. In Casablanca, like everywhere else in Morocco, entertaining guests is more than a tradition. It is a real culture. International luxury hotels have been established in Casablanca for several decades. The charm of this city and its efforts to promote business tourism encourage new tourism companies to invest with the purpose of developing comfort, security, flexibility, and quality services. All the luxury hotels (with 4 or 5 stars) are equipped with several integrated services like catering, banquets, recent technical communication equipment and the best sport and relaxation facilities. Numerous qualities make Casablanca a highly suitable destination. Great access through air transportation, infrastructure meeting international standards, and a wide variety of services and organized activities.

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Distance from airport

  • Mohamed V Airport

    18.02 mi. from city center


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