Consorzio Turistico Oristanese


Why Choose Our Destination?

The natural point of departure for this and other itineraries, is the city of Oristano, capital of the Arborea, whose territory matches more or less that of today’s province. Its aspect is that of a small, rather peaceful city: over the last century, many signs of the judicial age have been lost and there are no longer the great walls that encircled the city, knocked down at the beginning of the century. Whoever arrives in Oristano from Sassari or from Cagliari, finds a city characterised by an anonymous disorder of buildings: great blocks, next to little villas of every era. If, however, you arrive at the centre on foot, through the historical centre, you can see the signs of a worthy history, but at times a little neglected, even if today there has been a rebirth in interest for the historical centre which has resulted in a series of restorations.

Distance from airport

  • Cagliari Elmas Airport

    72.08 mi. from city center


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