Oman Ministry Of Tourism

Convention center
Guest rooms5,341
Guest rooms at 1 hotel269 guest rooms
Special event venues2
Average room rate$207.00
Daily food cost$119.00
Occupancy rate
Tax rate

Why Choose Our Destination?

Oman is a land of turquoise seas, rare turtles and desert. Not to mention draconian building restrictions that have prevented the country from becoming like the set of The Fifth Element, unlike its neighbor Dubai. It is a city of low square white buildings surrounded by mountains on all sides. On the coast of this Zenlike city, in the Al Khuwair district, lies The Chedi hotel, an indulgent confection of archways, white tiles, imported palm trees and grass so finely manicured you could play pool on it. Oman has various venues, almost each hotel has at least one venue, they vary from size to facilities, but over all in Oman each hotel has something specially in its architecture, or the idea which was build on, so it’s a different experience each time in each hotel.

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Distance from Airport

  • Muscat International Airport

    13 km from City Center

  • Salalah Airport

    25 km from City Center

  • Khasab Airport

    3 km from City Center



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